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...Such a pleasure to have you visit our homepage.  This site has been targetted for Vietnamese surfers; therefore, most of the articles on this site are written in Vietnamese.  Also, to view the pages properly, you need to download the free Vietnamese fonts.

If you can not read Vietnamese, don't worry.  There are  some Xers who prefer to share their belief and thought in  English.  Most of the articles related to Lutheran, Catechism, history, or litergy translated by our Vietnamese pastors are available in English.

We hope you gain knowledge about Lutheranism in general, as well as learn the foundation of Faith from our website.  We will try our best to post more articles frequently to serve your thrust in Christianity.  Also, please sign our guessbook and let us know your comment regarding our ministry in cyberspace.  Or perhaps, any topic of Christianity you would want to learn more about from this website, please feel free to sent us an email.  Thanks much and be back soon!

Contact Information:

Muc S Nguyen Hu Ninh
Vietnamese Lutheran Church

Phone: (713) 771-3207
FAX: (713) 771-8922
Address: 9745 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77036
Church E-mail: VietLCMS@AOL.Com


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