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American Academy of Religion
American Theological Library Association
Australian Theological Forum
The British Society for the Study of Theology
Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
Catholic Theological Society of America
Center of Theological Inquiry (Princeton)
Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology
Center for Process Studies (Claremont, CA)
Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture
Center for the Study of American Religion
Christian Research Institute at ICLNET 
Christian Research Institute Home Page
Christian Theological Research Fellowship
Deepsight Trust's Gospel & Culture Site
Evangelical Theological Society (Lynchburg, VA)
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Institute for the Study of Religions, Marburg, Germany
North American Association for the Study of Religion
Process and Faith
Scholar's Press WebSite
Society of Biblical Literature
Society for the Integration of Faith and Thought
Society for Pentecostal Studies
The Wesley Center for Applied Theology
Wesleyan Center for 21st Century Studies
Wesleyan Theological Society
Woodstock Theological Center (at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.)

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Theology (Fides Quaerens Internetum)
CyberWord Communication Group

Early Church Fathers
Early Church Study Room

Gramcord Institute

International Christian Leadership (ICLNet)

Kito Hoc (Christology)

MIT Lutheran Resources

New Advent Catholic Website

Online Theological Library

Perseus Project
Project Wittenberg

Theology (Religion)
Theology on the Web
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Wesley Center for Applied Theology